History of Prater Ensemble

The Prater Ensemble, established in February 2004, is based on Amiraliev brother and sister Duo.
First recital of the Prater Ensemble was held in the Toronto Music Gallery in April 2004.

Prater Ensemble Presents "In memory of Pytor Tchaikovsky"November 11, 2018 7:00 P.M. at Heliconian Hall - 35 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, ON. For more info call (416) 859-0955

Purposes of Prater Ensemble are:

  • involvement professional musicians to chamber music recitals ;
  • holding concert series in concert halls, but also in Community Centers, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Music and Public Schools;
    festivals, competitions and art exhibitions organization;
  • youth attraction to art life;
  • to be the Music and Art Representative in other provinces and territories where
    cultural life is not enough developed.

Prater String Orchestra was founded in 2009. Prater String Quartet began to function on a base of the orchestra. Series of concerts have been held in the newly built Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts and CBC Radio Glenn Gould Studio.
The Prater Ensemble was supported by Canadian Courier weekly newspaper and NTV Canada during all 7 years of existing of the group.

The Toronto Mendelssohn Trio has given numerous recitals under the umbrella of the Prater Ensemble.
In 2010 the Prater Ensemble cooperated with the Art of Life Society which relieves (helps) talented children with special needs. As a result of such cooperation two charitable concerts have been held.
In 2011 the Prater Ensemble is planning to continue active concert life and invite Dmitry Levkovich, a talented young pianist and a winner of many international prestigious competitions,to be a part of chamber group.